% of Africans in Each Country (World)



Afghanistan: 0.018%
Albania: 3.155%
Algeria: 98%
American Samoa: 0.149%
Andorra: 0.012%
Angola: 98.649%
Anguilla: 90.08%
Antigua and Barbuda: 92%
Argentina: 0.124%
Armenia: 0.002%
Aruba: 24.038%
 Australia: 1.399%
 Austria: 0.12%
 Azerbaijan: 0.012%

Bahamas: 85%
 Bahrain: 15%
 Bangladesh: 0.315%
 Barbados: 90%
 Belarus: 0.001%
 Belgium: 0.703%
 Belize: 31.25%
 Benin: 96.926%
 Bermuda: 61.538%
 Bhutan: 0.008%
 Bolivia: 1.155%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina: 0.003%
 Botswana: 95.643%
 Brazil: 45.26%
 British Virgin Islands: 86.957%
 Brunei: 0.1%
 Bulgaria: 0.001%
 Burkina Faso: 93.156%
 Burundi: 97.675%

 Cambodia: 0.007%
 Cameroon: 98.161%
 Canada: 2.995%
 Cape Verde: 68%
 Cayman Islands: 63.83%
 Central African Republic: 98.8%
 Chad: 88%
 Chile: 0.119%
 China: 0.008%
 Colombia: 21.308%
 Comoros: 90.909%
 Congo-Brazzaville: 92.887%
 Cook Islands: 0.99%
 Costa Rica: 3.133%
 Côte d'Ivoire: 85.94%
 Croatia: 0.002%
 Cuba: 62%
 Cyprus: 0.629%
 Czech Republic: 0.005%

 Democratic Republic of the Congo: 98.091%
 Denmark: 0.547%
 Djibouti: 96.478%
 Dominica: 93%
 Dominican Republic: 84%




 East Timor: 0.009%
 Ecuador: 3%
 Egypt: 99.6%
 El Salvador: 0.012%
 Equatorial Guinea: 97.81%
 Eritrea: 98.659%
 Estonia: 0.007%
 Ethiopia: 98.261%




 Falkland Islands: 0.333%
 Faroe Islands: 0.205%
 Fiji: 1.208%
 Finland: 0.019%
 France: 9.306%
 French Guiana: 66%
 French Polynesia: 0.385%




 Gabon: 81.3%
 Gambia: 83.71%
 Georgia: 0.023%
 Germany: 0.73%
 Ghana: 91.452%
 Gibraltar: 5%
 Greece: 0.27%
 Greenland: 0.017%
 Grenada: 95%
 Guadeloupe: 92%
 Guam: 0.006%
 Guatemala: 2%
 Guernsey: 0.152%
 Guinea: 94.682%
 Guinea-Bissau: 99.5%
 Guyana: 36%




 Haiti: 97.5%
 Honduras: 2%
 Hong Kong: 0.036%
 Hungary: 0.01%




 Iceland: 0.031%
 India: 2.5%
 Indonesia: 0.002%
 Iran: 0.001%
 Iraq: 0.034%
 Ireland: 0.226%
 Isle of Man: 0.125%
 Israel: 25.2%
 Italy: 1.3%




 Jamaica: 97.4%
 Japan: 0.004%
 Jersey: 0.112%
 Jordan: 0.017%




 Kazakhstan: 0.001%
 Kenya: 97.993%
 Kiribati: 1.053%
 Kuwait: 2%
 Kyrgyzstan: 0.002%




 Laos: 0.017%
 Latvia: 0.004%
 Lebanon: 0.098%
 Lesotho: 98.666%
 Liberia: 97.477%
 Libya: 97%
 Liechtenstein: 2.828%
 Lithuania: 0.003%
 Luxembourg: 0.207%




 Macau: 0.186%
 Macedonia: 0.049%
 Madagascar: 98.661%
 Malawi: 96.835%
 Malaysia: 5%
 Maldives: 3%
 Mali: 98.66%
 Malta: 0.024%
 Marshall Islands: 0.017%
 Martinique: 72%
 Mauritania: 96.849%
 Mauritius: 97%
 Mayotte: 91%
 Mexico: 1.09%
 Micronesia: 0.901%
 Moldova: 0.003%
 Monaco: 0.303%
 Mongolia: 0.004%
 Montenegro: 0.017%
 Montserrat: 65%
 Morocco: 99%
 Mozambique: 96.949%
 Myanmar: 0.01%




 Namibia: 91.959%
 Nauru: 1%
 Nepal: 0%
 Netherlands: 1.823%
 Netherlands Antilles: 85%
 New Caledonia: 0.041%
 New Zealand: 0.023%
 Nicaragua: 9%
 Niger: 98.112%
 Nigeria: 98.262%
 Niue: 0.063%
 North Korea: 0%
 Northern Mariana Islands: 0.119%
 Norway: 0.021%




 Oman: 8%




 Pakistan: 4.5%
 Palau: 0.5%
 Palestine: 2.33%
 Panama: 14%
 Papua New Guinea: 94.772%
 Paraguay: 0.1%
 Peru: 3%
 Philippines: 0.01%
 Pitcairn Islands: 2%
 Poland: 0.02%
 Portugal: 2%
 Puerto Rico: 8%


Qatar: 0.9%




 Réunion: 68%
 Romania: 0.005%
 Russia: 0.014%
 Rwanda: 97.661%




 Saint Helena: 50%
 Saint Kitts and Nevis: 98%
 Saint Lucia: 82.5%
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 85%
 Saint-Barthélemy: 27.4%
 Saint-Martin: 53.5%
 Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: 0.163%
 Samoa: 0.53%
 San Marino: 0.032%
 São Tomé and Príncipe: 93.8%
 Saudi Arabia: 10%
 Senegal: 96.204%
 Serbia: 0.001%
 Seychelles: 94%
 Sierra Leone: 96.846%
 Singapore: 0.022%
 Slovakia: 0.002%
 Slovenia: 0.005%
 Solomon Islands: 0.02%
 Somalia: 95.573%
 Somaliland: 99%
 South Africa: 98.6%
 South Korea: 0.002%
 Spain: 1.3%
 Sri Lanka: 1.8%
 Sudan: 97.273%
 Suriname: 47%
 Swaziland: 97%
 Sweden: 0.217%
 Switzerland: 0.327%
 Syria: 0.1%




 Taiwan: 0.004%
 Tajikistan: 0.001%
 Tanzania: 96.934%
 Thailand: 0.002%
 Togo: 96.022%
 Tokelau: 2.857%
 Tonga: 10%
 Trinidad and Tobago: 58%
 Tunisia: 99.6%
 Turkey: 4.25%
 Turkmenistan: 0.002%
 Turks and Caicos Islands: 34%
 Tuvalu: 0.091%




 U.S. Virgin Islands: 78%
 Uganda: 97.124%
 Ukraine: 0%
 United Arab Emirates: 8.8%
 United Kingdom: 3%
 United States of America: 12.9%
 Uruguay: 4%
 Uzbekistan: 0%




 Vanuatu: 0.044%
 Vatican City: 12.5%
 Venezuela: 18.25%
 Vietnam: 0.1%




 Wallis and Futuna: 0.667%
 Western Sahara: 99%







 Yemen: 35%




 Zambia: 96.643%
 Zimbabwe: 95.072%





Global: 34.227%



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African Views Organization 2013 Annual Report
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Condolences and Congratulations are both in order for Zambia

         President Michael SataPresident Guy Scott

(Left: President Michael Chilufya Sata (July 6, 1937 – October 28, 2014) /(Right: President Guy Scott)


Our sincere condolence to Zambians across the world, as President Michael Chilufya Sata took his last breath at the King Edward VII Hospital in London, where he had been receiving treatment until October 28, 2014. President Sata’s passing turns a new chapter in African history as Mr. Guy Scott takes the official role as the Zambian (interim) Head of State by default. Zambia is one of the few African countries that have been multi-racially inclusive of persons of European descent it is highest Office. This was the world’s observation when Guy Scott was sworn in as Vice President of the Republic of Zambia on 29 September 2011. Read More


Professor. Ali Al'Amin Mazrui (February 24, 1933 – October 13, 2014)

Professor Ali Al'Amin Mazrui passed away Sunday at 8.32pm New York time (Monday, 12.32am GMT).

"Condolences to all Africans, for a great one amongst us has fallen!" African Views


Professor Ali Al'Amin Mazrui  will be remembered for many things, but nothing will supercede what he gave Africans, the vision of the need for stewardship to the African landscape and environment. He was a humble, pious, and extremely generous fellow of humanity. 


'The African condition'
Tanzania's Deputy Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, January Makamba, paid a more personal tribute, saying Mr Mazrui "taught me to appreciate and value Africa's complex identity and multiple heritages". Source: BBC

 Farewell gentle giant. 




The Global African and Diaspora Leadership Teleforum

RHB Teleforum Speakers Bio

In an effort to build consensus across the global African Diaspora around strategies for cooperating and coordinating, Constituency For Africa (CFA) collaborates with African Views (AV) to facilitate a conference call of diaspora leaders in Africa and western hemisphere, as part of the 2014 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series.  While time, distance and travel resources have proven to be significant obstacles in the coordination of diaspora in support of Africa, this effort can bridge the gap, by holding the first of several conference calls of diaspora leaders around the globe to open and strengthen dialogue...


Click here to see the full list of panelist and speakers



African Identity Articles:

  • Green-africaCultural Charter For Africa
    We the people meeting in its Thirteenth Ordinary Session, in Port Louis, Mauritius,  GUIDED by the Organization of African Unity ...
  • What is African?
    We hope this information helps to start a dialogue in understanding the role of history in today's status quo...
  • Issue Of Race
    The notion of race need not be problematic from a scientific or from a social point of view. The conception of Race is the common attempt to understand the diversity of human biological foundations...
    Read more
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  • Join the African Women Empowerment Campaign 


  • The African Women Advancement is a pilot program designed to use women advancement as a strategy for ending poverty in impoverished or developing communities.  


African Views Association for Women Advancement (AVAWA) is a concept of grouping women together as an association in urban and rural African communities. AVAWA’s mission is to advance the status of women and girls by forging a strategic alliance between people and organizations committing to improve the environment through education on health, economic well-being of the community. PINK AFRICA project is being built up for the Women Advancemnt Summit in Senegal.
Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit concluded on August 6, 2014 in Washington DC after 50 African countries and U.S. government officials as well as over 1000 business leaders, 1000 Media representatives  from the US, Africa and other parts of the world met, shared opinions, and announced billions in public and private sector commitments to enhance trade, investment and security across Africa. 

Event Report:
Business forum:

Here is a list of challenges facing Africa by country-specific prevalence and make sure your concern is represented too:

Professor Ali Al'Amin Mazrui 


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