% of Africans in Each Coun­try (World)


Afghanistan: 0.018%
Alba­nia: 3.155%
Alge­ria: 98%
Amer­i­can Samoa: 0.149%
Andorra: 0.012%
Angola: 98.649%
Anguilla: 90.08%
Antigua and Bar­buda: 92%
Argentina: 0.124%
Arme­nia: 0.002%
Aruba: 24.038%
Aus­tralia: 1.399%
Aus­tria: 0.12%
Azer­bai­jan: 0.012%

Bahamas: 85%
Bahrain: 15%
Bangladesh: 0.315%
Bar­ba­dos: 90%
Belarus: 0.001%
Bel­gium: 0.703%
Belize: 31.25%
Benin: 96.926%
Bermuda: 61.538%
Bhutan: 0.008%
Bolivia: 1.155%
Bosnia and Herze­gov­ina: 0.003%
Botswana: 95.643%
Brazil: 45.26%
British Vir­gin Islands: 86.957%
Brunei: 0.1%
Bul­garia: 0.001%
Burk­ina Faso: 93.156%
Burundi: 97.675%

Cam­bo­dia: 0.007%
Cameroon: 98.161%
Canada: 2.995%
Cape Verde: 68%
Cay­man Islands: 63.83%
Cen­tral African Repub­lic: 98.8%
Chad: 88%
Chile: 0.119%
China: 0.008%
Colom­bia: 21.308%
Comoros: 90.909%
Congo-​Brazzaville: 92.887%
Cook Islands: 0.99%
Costa Rica: 3.133%
Côte d’Ivoire: 85.94%
Croa­tia: 0.002%
Cuba: 62%
Cyprus: 0.629%
Czech Repub­lic: 0.005%

Demo­c­ra­tic Repub­lic of the Congo: 98.091%
Den­mark: 0.547%
Dji­bouti: 96.478%
Dominica: 93%
Domini­can Repub­lic: 84%


East Timor: 0.009%
Ecuador: 3%
Egypt: 99.6%
El Sal­vador: 0.012%
Equa­to­r­ial Guinea: 97.81%
Eritrea: 98.659%
Esto­nia: 0.007%
Ethiopia: 98.261%


Falk­land Islands: 0.333%
Faroe Islands: 0.205%
Fiji: 1.208%
Fin­land: 0.019%
France: 9.306%
French Guiana: 66%
French Poly­ne­sia: 0.385%


Gabon: 81.3%
Gam­bia: 83.71%
Geor­gia: 0.023%
Ger­many: 0.73%
Ghana: 91.452%
Gibral­tar: 5%
Greece: 0.27%
Green­land: 0.017%
Grenada: 95%
Guade­loupe: 92%
Guam: 0.006%
Guatemala: 2%
Guernsey: 0.152%
Guinea: 94.682%
Guinea-​Bissau: 99.5%
Guyana: 36%


Haiti: 97.5%
Hon­duras: 2%
Hong Kong: 0.036%
Hun­gary: 0.01%


Ice­land: 0.031%
India: 2.5%
Indone­sia: 0.002%
Iran: 0.001%
Iraq: 0.034%
Ire­land: 0.226%
Isle of Man: 0.125%
Israel: 25.2%
Italy: 1.3%


Jamaica: 97.4%
Japan: 0.004%
Jer­sey: 0.112%
Jor­dan: 0.017%


Kaza­khstan: 0.001%
Kenya: 97.993%
Kiri­bati: 1.053%
Kuwait: 2%
Kyr­gyzs­tan: 0.002%


Laos: 0.017%
Latvia: 0.004%
Lebanon: 0.098%
Lesotho: 98.666%
Liberia: 97.477%
Libya: 97%
Liecht­en­stein: 2.828%
Lithua­nia: 0.003%
Lux­em­bourg: 0.207%


Macau: 0.186%
Mace­do­nia: 0.049%
Mada­gas­car: 98.661%
Malawi: 96.835%
Malaysia: 5%
Mal­dives: 3%
Mali: 98.66%
Malta: 0.024%
Mar­shall Islands: 0.017%
Mar­tinique: 72%
Mau­ri­ta­nia: 96.849%
Mau­ri­tius: 97%
May­otte: 91%
Mex­ico: 1.09%
Microne­sia: 0.901%
Moldova: 0.003%
Monaco: 0.303%
Mon­go­lia: 0.004%
Mon­tene­gro: 0.017%
Montser­rat: 65%
Morocco: 99%
Mozam­bique: 96.949%
Myan­mar: 0.01%


Namibia: 91.959%
Nauru: 1%
Nepal: 0%
Nether­lands: 1.823%
Nether­lands Antilles: 85%
New Cale­do­nia: 0.041%
New Zealand: 0.023%
Nicaragua: 9%
Niger: 98.112%
Nige­ria: 98.262%
Niue: 0.063%
North Korea: 0%
North­ern Mar­i­ana Islands: 0.119%
Nor­way: 0.021%


Oman: 8%


Pak­istan: 4.5%
Palau: 0.5%
Pales­tine: 2.33%
Panama: 14%
Papua New Guinea: 94.772%
Paraguay: 0.1%
Peru: 3%
Philip­pines: 0.01%
Pit­cairn Islands: 2%
Poland: 0.02%
Por­tu­gal: 2%
Puerto Rico: 8%


Qatar: 0.9%


Réu­nion: 68%
Roma­nia: 0.005%
Rus­sia: 0.014%
Rwanda: 97.661%


Saint Helena: 50%
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 98%
Saint Lucia: 82.5%
Saint Vin­cent and the Grenadines: 85%
Saint-​Barthélemy: 27.4%
Saint-​Martin: 53.5%
Saint-​Pierre and Miquelon: 0.163%
Samoa: 0.53%
San Marino: 0.032%
São Tomé and Príncipe: 93.8%
Saudi Ara­bia: 10%
Sene­gal: 96.204%
Ser­bia: 0.001%
Sey­chelles: 94%
Sierra Leone: 96.846%
Sin­ga­pore: 0.022%
Slo­va­kia: 0.002%
Slove­nia: 0.005%
Solomon Islands: 0.02%
Soma­lia: 95.573%
Soma­liland: 99%
South Africa: 98.6%
South Korea: 0.002%
Spain: 1.3%
Sri Lanka: 1.8%
Sudan: 97.273%
Suri­name: 47%
Swazi­land: 97%
Swe­den: 0.217%
Switzer­land: 0.327%
Syria: 0.1%


Tai­wan: 0.004%
Tajik­istan: 0.001%
Tan­za­nia: 96.934%
Thai­land: 0.002%
Togo: 96.022%
Toke­lau: 2.857%
Tonga: 10%
Trinidad and Tobago: 58%
Tunisia: 99.6%
Turkey: 4.25%
Turk­menistan: 0.002%
Turks and Caicos Islands: 34%
Tuvalu: 0.091%


U.S. Vir­gin Islands: 78%
Uganda: 97.124%
Ukraine: 0%
United Arab Emi­rates: 8.8%
United King­dom: 3%
United States of Amer­ica: 12.9%
Uruguay: 4%
Uzbek­istan: 0%


Van­u­atu: 0.044%
Vat­i­can City: 12.5%
Venezuela: 18.25%
Viet­nam: 0.1%


Wal­lis and Futuna: 0.667%
West­ern Sahara: 99%



Yemen: 35%


Zam­bia: 96.643%
Zim­babwe: 95.072%



Global: 34.227%

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AV offers research and analy­sis on root causes of social chal­lenges and facil­i­tate sus­tain­able devel­op­ment solu­tions through a global intel­li­gence col­lab­o­ra­tion frame­work in social sci­ences and humanities.

African Views Orga­ni­za­tion 2013 Annual Report
Power Point pre­sen­ta­tion of the report click here:

Bereave­ment /​In Memoriam

Dr. Suren­dra Kaushik

It is with deep per­sonal regret that we inform you about the loss of our dear friend and val­ued beloved board mem­ber, Dr. Suren­dra Kaushik. Dr. Kaushik is the founder of Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s Col­lege in his home­town of Mal­sisar, Rajasthan India. He founded the school in honor of his wife who had stroke and was par­a­lyzed at the height of their roman­tic life, and for whom he cared per­son­ally at home since 1991 until she passed in 2013. Dr. Kaushik died of a heart attack in his native coun­try India on Wednes­day just few days before the Schools grad­u­a­tion cer­e­mony, which he had con­ducted annu­ally since the school was founded in 1993. Dr. Kaushik taught eco­nom­ics at Pace Uni­ver­sity and was a recip­i­ent of sev­eral pres­ti­gious aca­d­e­mic achieve­ment awards includ­ing the Pravasi Bharatiya Sam­man Award (PBSA). He was a true cham­pion of women empow­er­ment in India, Africa, and in America.

The Pravasi Bharatiya Sam­man Award is the high­est honor con­ferred by the Pres­i­dent of India on over­seas Indi­ans. Since its incep­tion in 2003, the Pravasi Bharatiya Sam­man has been awarded to notable Indi­ans in Dias­pora such as His Excel­lence: Dr. Navin­chan­dra Ram­goolam — Prime min­is­ter Mau­ri­tius: , Hon­or­able Sir Anerood Jug­nauth for­mer Prime min­is­ter of Mau­ri­tius, includ­ing her Excel­lency Kamla Per­sad Bisses­sar — Prime Min­is­ter Trinidad and Tobago, Billy Nair, Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment, ANC South Africa; Pheroze Nowro­jee, Advo­cate, Human Rights Activist, Kenya; Ken­neth S. Ben­jamin, Founder and chair­man of the Guards­man Group Busi­ness, Jamaica; Yesu, Per­sau, Guyana, V. Rama­doss Sey­chelles, Jus­tice Ahmed Moosa Ebrahim, Zim­babwe; Lord Megh­nad Desai, Econ­o­mist, United King­dom; Sukhi Turner, Fmr. Mayor of Dunedin, New Zealand; late Kalpana Chawla, Astro­naut, United States; and so many more.

Dr. Suren­dra Kaushik had con­tributed enor­mously to the devel­op­ment of African Views, includ­ing extend­ing schol­ar­ship to women and girls from Africa and beyond. His absence leaves a mon­u­men­tal void in our board. Our prayers are with his fam­ily and we urge those who can to please join the sub­se­quent ceremonies.

Ser­vices in India will take place at Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s P.G. Col­lege as follows:

July, 3031 Con­do­lences and Visitations

August 10, 11th day Services

August 11, 12th day Services

August 12, 13th day Services

The Kaushik Fam­ily will orga­nize a for­mal recep­tion in Westch­ester, NY in mid/​late August once all fam­ily has returned.
Helena Kaushik Edu­ca­tion Foun­da­tion, PO Box 234, Bri­ar­cliff Manor, NY 105101017
Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s Col­lege, P.O Mal­sisar Jhun­jhunu Rajasthan, India 331028

For more infor­ma­tion, please con­tact Shobha Kaushik: 9146490942, This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Dr. Kaushik’s Niece)

US– Africa Lead­ers Sum­mit 2014


The U.S.-Africa Lead­ers Sum­mit con­cluded on August 6, 2014 in Wash­ing­ton DC after 50 African coun­tries and U.S. gov­ern­ment offi­cials as well as over 1000 busi­ness lead­ers, 1000 Media rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the US, Africa and other parts of the world met, shared opin­ions, and announced bil­lions in pub­lic and pri­vate sec­tor com­mit­ments to enhance trade, invest­ment and secu­rity across Africa. Two key high­lights of the sum­mit were 1) the AGOA Forum, where Obama admin­is­tra­tion offi­cials out­lined the government’s com­pre­hen­sive strat­egy for extend­ing and updat­ing the Africa Growth and Oppor­tu­nity Act (AGOA), and 2) the U.S.-Africa Busi­ness Forum, where more than $33 bil­lion in busi­ness deals were struck between African and U.S. gov­ern­ment and busi­ness lead­ers. African Views was among the atten­dees and encour­ages audi­ence across the world to look for­ward to its detail report on the event — con­sist­ing of tran­script and pic­tures of var­i­ous forums dur­ing the sum­mit — and analy­sis of the con­ducts, opin­ions, per­for­mances, and expec­ta­tions of the par­tic­i­pants and observers. Any­way we’re very excited at AV about this new oppor­tu­nity. We believe this renewed U.S.-Africa rela­tion­ship can be a game-​changer in how imme­di­ate chal­lenges are met in Africa.

Event Report: http://​www​.white​house​.gov/​u​s​-​a​f​r​i​c​a​-​l​e​a​d​e​r​s​-​s​u​m​m​i​t
Busi­ness forum: http://​www​.bloomberg​.com/​b​m​i​a

Here is a list of chal­lenges fac­ing Africa by country-​specific preva­lence and make sure your con­cern is rep­re­sented too: http://​bit​.ly/​a​f​r​i​c​a​n​p​r​o​b​l​e​m​s

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  • Green-africaCul­tural Char­ter For Africa
    We the peo­ple meet­ing in its Thir­teenth Ordi­nary Ses­sion, in Port Louis, Mau­ri­tius, GUIDED by the Orga­ni­za­tion of African Unity …
  • What is African?
    We hope this infor­ma­tion helps to start a dia­logue in under­stand­ing the role of his­tory in today’s sta­tus quo…
  • Issue Of Race
    The notion of race need not be prob­lem­atic from a sci­en­tific or from a social point of view. The con­cep­tion of Race is the com­mon attempt to under­stand the diver­sity of human bio­log­i­cal foun­da­tions…
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  • Join the African Women Empow­er­ment Campaign

  • The African Women Advance­ment is a pilot pro­gram designed to use women advance­ment as a strat­egy for end­ing poverty in impov­er­ished or devel­op­ing communities.

African Views Asso­ci­a­tion for Women Advance­ment (AVAWA) is a con­cept of group­ing women together as an asso­ci­a­tion in urban and rural African com­mu­ni­ties. AVAWA’s mis­sion is to advance the sta­tus of women and girls by forg­ing a strate­gic alliance between peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions com­mit­ting to improve the envi­ron­ment through edu­ca­tion on health, eco­nomic well-​being of the com­mu­nity. PINK AFRICA project is being built up for the Women Advancemnt Sum­mit in Sene­gal.
Con­tact us at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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