Equal Employment

It is the policy of African views Organization, to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants for employment and not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical or mental disability (except where such disability is a bona fide occupational disqualification), veteran or military status, genetic information, or any other protected status or characteristic under federal, state or local law, with respect to all aspects of the employment relationship, including, without limitation, hiring, promotion, selection for training opportunities, wage and salary administration, and the application of benefits plans and Company policies.

A formal application for employment will be accepted from all applicants and fair and impartial consideration will be given to all applicants. It is our policy to fill vacancies with the most competent person available, whether presently employed or a new hire. Promotion decisions are reviewed in an effort to ensure that only valid requirements are used when evaluating employees for promotional opportunities.

In addition, the Company is committed to non-discriminatory treatment of customers, vendors, and contractors. Therefore, it is the policy of African views Organization not to tolerate illegal discrimination. Providing Equal Employment Opportunities is a company-wide effort and the responsibility of all individuals associated with the African views Organization.