The African Views framework is based on a host of relative performance indicators that are offered on its country profile page. It uses scores (attributed to each of these indicators) to gauge and compare favorable conditions for human development in all countries. The indicators are made up of vital statistics that reflect components of governance, economics, social and demographic conditions for each country worldwide.

The indicators include statistics and scores as well as comparative rankings, which have been sourced from organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, IMF, US Census Bureau, CIA, World Economic Forum, and so on. The main objective in collecting these facts and figures is to allow experts and audiences to connect and interpret how those facts reflect Africans and African diaspora conditions, development and issues everywhere in the world.


African Views then converts the scores collected from these organizations into percentiles. The conversion makes it relatively easy to understand and aggregate into a standardized weighted average. Each indicator score represents a quantifiable hypothesis and serves as practical impetus for dialogue.