Internship Partnership Guidelines


African Views Organization Partner Institutions’ Internship Program provides an educational strategy whereby students connect their academic preparation with hands-on (learning/work/service) experiences. The University is committed to building partnerships with sponsoring organizations to offer high quality Internship experiences. As a sponsoring organization, you have access to talented undergraduate and graduate students.


In turn, your participation in the Internship Program by sponsoring/employing students exhibits your interest and commitment to Seton Hall’s educational goals and to the growth and development of the student(s) as future professionals and/or community leaders.


To help ensure the interests and promote the benefits of the Internship arrangement for all parties involved, African Views Organization Partner Institutions has developed “Guidelines” outlining the mutual responsibilities between the University and your organization, hereafter named as the sponsoring organization.


A.  Responsibilities of the University


B.  Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Organization

Supervising and Guiding the Internship


Criteria for Intern Position Descriptions

To ensure the quality of the experience and that the desired outcomes are achieved for the student, sponsoring organization and African Views Organization Partner Institutions, all internship positions will be screened based on the following:


C.  Terms of Arrangement  

The duration of the Internship partnership will be three to four months or one academic semester, summer session, or a period agreed upon by the sponsoring organization and African Views Organization Partner Institutions. If the sponsoring organization is dissatisfied with the performance of a student, termination of the Internship arrangement can be requested, but only after a faculty adviser has been notified in advance and a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained. Conversely, the University may request termination of the Internship partnership for any student not complying with the University’s Community Standards and procedures for the program, as long as the appropriate sponsoring organization personnel have been notified in advance and a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained.


Any questions regarding African Views Organization Partner Institutions’ Internship Program, its procedures, or these Guidelines should be referred to: 

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The objective of the internship program is threefold: to provide a framework by which students and adults from diverse academic , professional, and cultural backgrounds may be assigned to departments where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments; to expose them to the work of the African Views Organization. We hope to attract those who believe in team work and are willing to participate and persist in making the African Views information exchange and collaborative framework a progressive, rewarding and successful innovation.


The African Views website will continually update its database of vital statistics as soon as they are available to the public. Some of the information needs to be analyzed, verified and mapped onto the framework. Additional software needs to be constantly created to drive the data and make content easy to find and rankings intelligible to the audience. This work is voluminous. African Views needs willing participants to make this work effectively. We welcome your references and recommendations and your participation in the architectural, engineering and operational stages of the African Views project.


College internship programs are vital to our organization’s overall operations. The purpose of our internship program is to create a culture of voluntary, contributive and collaborative participation that is focused on preparing and mobilizing scholars for leadership and managerial roles applicable to future challenges and professional pursuits in the national and global context. 


We are looking for highly motivated individuals with the ability to work interdependently with teams. Innovators, idealists and aspiring leaders who can articulate their thoughts and insights, and put them into action; positive, enthusiastic individuals who want explore new hypotheses and creative ways in solving socio-cultural and geo-political problems. 


African Views organization will consider applications from currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, or students who have recently graduated from an undergraduate, Masters or doctoral program. Applicants must be in a position to commit fully to the completion of a project. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement to participate in this program.

Selection is based upon the student's interest and the congruence of the student's expressed goals with those of our internship program. 

African Views Organization does not discriminate on grounds of race, creed, sex, age, marital status, handicap, or national origin of any applicant. The specific dates and duration of the internship appointment are arranged between the supervisor and the student. Internship appointments are generally between 10-40 hours per week.


This is an unpaid internship. However, we encourage students to arrange with their respective colleges and universities to receive academic credit for their participation in this project. As an integral member of our organization’s framework intelligence team, students will be rewarded with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and favored by African Views associate and membership privileges. This includes gaining access into a wealth of socio-cultural exchange and development information at the front and back-ends of our data resource and framework for actions to learn from our methods and association between quantitative and qualitative data. Students/ interns will also have opportunities to discuss and get practical insight on a variety of important domestic and international issues with major organizations. African Views will provide a report detailing an assessment of students’ performance at the end of the internship. All forms of contributions are duly credited to the contributors. 



Outreach managers

Country managers


Authors, Writers, and Editors

Desktop Publisher

Technical Writer

Interpreters and Translators


Research: Anthropology | Sociology| Psychology | History|  Economics | Political Science| Religious and Cultural Studies| 

Development: Legal framework architecture| Innovative Engineering | Health | Investment Market Analyst


Web developers

Database Administrator

Systems Analyst

Mobile App Builders


Production Assistants

TV correspondents

Radio and television reporters 

Video Editors

Camera operators


TV Hosts

Make Up Artists

Production Designers

Television Directors


News Anchors

Cinematographers (aka Director of Photography or DP)