The African Views Organization has created this memorial page in honor and memory of its members and supporters who have passed away. May their soul rest in everlasting peace.


His Royal Highness Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Muhammad Sunusi, the Emir of Dutse

Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Muhammad Sunusi, the Emir of Dutse, was born in 1945 in the Jigawa State capital of Dutse's Yargaba village. From 1952 to 1956, Dr. Sanusi attended Dutse Elementary School. Following his secondary education, he graduated from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, with a National Certificate in Education (NCE), and later went on to Ohio University in the United States of America to earn a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts in International Business. From Bradford University in the UK, he also received a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Project Planning and Analysis. The Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, presented the emir with an honorary PhD in management.

The late emir was one of Jigawa State's five first-class emirs. He served for 28 years as the Emir of Dutse. He succeeded his late father, Muhammadu Sanusi Dan Bello, who ruled between 1983 and 1995.

Under his rule, which lasted for for 23 years, the Dutse Emirate went from being a small, sleepy town to a thriving city, where not only have the people's financial situations greatly improved, but their spiritual and educational awareness has also been rekindled. The Emir has brought tremendous progress to Dutse through a combination of his education, background, and experience. He passed away on January 31st at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja at the age of 79 years old. 

Nana Macaulay Abedi Lartey

Let us begin with the immediate family of the Nana Abedi, you can take comfort in how you cared for him so long and lovingly. No one could have done better. We at African Views Organization acknowledge you! May you take comfort in knowing that his friends and colleagues care deeply for him.


The Honorable, His Royal Heritage, Nana Macaulay Abedi Lartey, was one of the pillars of African Views Organization, Ghana. He served in the Elders’ Council of African Views Organization, and as a founding member of the African Royal Kingdoms (ARK). He also served as a Director on Board of African Views Ghana. He had contributed to many forums and discussed with several Kings across Africa about the importance of their roles int the ARK project. His role as a Botanist remain unrivaled as he was the main consultant for curating the gardens and vegetation designs of the African Royal Institute we are developing in Ghana. He was the epitome of a refined gentleman and always treated everyone with utmost respect and kindness. We at African Views missed him so much.


His Passing was an enormous loss, but we left us strengthened, inspired, and determined. He will remain one of the most important pillars of African Views Organization.


Please be comforted with the pictures curated to reminisce his legacy. May his soul rest in everlasting peace. And, may God provide us all the strength to bear the loss.

Margaret Gärding. Msc HRD, PHd 

Margaret Garding (November 9th, 1945 – January 13th, 2017) was the keynote speaker at the Anti Violence Against Women Act parallel event at the United Nations 60th CSW, and would have assumed the same role for the 2017 event in New York. She has transitioned and is no longer with us in the physical sense.

Our hearts are broken and will take a while to heal. She is survived by her husband and children who released the following announcement:

“We have lost our courageous lioness Margaret Gärding and champion for the poor and the marginalized. She always had a smile for everyone and treated people with utmost respect. Mum, we love you and we know you are in a better place. You were the best mom, the best sister, the best friend. You will be missed always; we love you so … from your children Cecilia and Mike”


We love you, we miss you, and forever you’ll sit on a throne in our hearts. Thank you all for comforting our loss.

Margaret Gärding is the First elected chairperson for the African Diaspora in Sweden, and recently duly elected representative of the FeministInitiative Party in Sweden with a seat in the European Parliament. Having worked for the African Union and serving as an advisor at both EU and parliamentary level, she was also a key figure in the Swedish boycotts against Apartheid in the 1990s. She is recognized for her great commitment and active participation in working to combat racism in Sweden throughher involvement in several organizations. “Racism is a real issue now,” she said. “We see it spreading in Europe and Sweden.” She has been involved in the African Diaspora movement for many years and has participated in debates on integration and diversity issues in Sweden.

Cheryl Braganza

Cheryl Braganza, Montreal Woman of the Year 2008.....Painter, Writer, Poet, Pianist, Cancer Survivor. "I want my art to play a role in lifting people's spirits, in challenging their assumptions, in provoking thought ..... thus promoting dialogue between peoples towards peace. Je désire que le regard porté sur mon art provoque la réflexion et invite le dialogue des peuples vers la paix." 

Dr. Surendra Kaushik

Surendra Kaushik, Ph.D., died on July 30, 2014. He was born in Rajasthan, India on June 21, 1944. He lived in Briarcliff Manor, NY for 33 years with his wife Helena until her passing. Dr. Kaushik was a distinguished professor at Pace University Lubin School of Business. In Helena's honor he founded the Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women's College in India.

Taibat Anike Oladunni Ajibona 

Taibat Anike Oladunni Ajibona, 78, of Eko, Lagos, Nigeria, passed away on February 25th, 2022, after a brief illness. Tai was born on July 1, 1944, to Sikirat Akinola and Saka Ajibona in Lagos. Saka was a zoologist, and Sikirat inherited cultural crafts from her royal heritage. She was born to the Onilegbale White Caps Chieftains of Lagos. Tai was first married to Alhaji Muildeen Lekan Ajibade in 1963, having four children: Wale, Biola, Yinka, and Biodun Ajibade (one male and three females). The couple separated in 1974. Tai married her second husband, Alhaji Mehmood Olayori, and had two more girl children, Eniola and Yetunde Olayori.

She is still alive, and she was fortunate to have known her six children, 19 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren before she passed away. She also survived both of her husbands.

Despite her marriages, Taibat Anike Oladunni was a very confident woman who raised her children as a single mother. She made it her mission to improve the lives of others. She was a generous and compassionate matriarch of the community. She built a mosque for the community and served graciously as an elder, resolving disputes and caring for and guiding families, friends, and neighbors. According to Muslim tradition, she has been buried at her house in Alakuko, Lagos, Nigeria. Many people will miss her intensely for a long time.


M. L. Ajibade 

Lekan Ajibade was born to the Royal House of Popo Yemaja in Ibadan, Western Nigeria, on April 19, 1933. He transitioned after a brief illness on September 14, 1985, in Ibadan, Nigeria. He was a business partner and economic diplomat who was successful in establishing Tixo products from the Austrian Koreska firm in Nigeria. He believed in pan-Africanism and was a lover of humanity. He loved all his children equally. 

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