AV media is divided into three main categories: AVTV, AV Radio, and AV Print. All AV media programs are unique in the sense that they combine social media and other innovative tools in the virtual environment to facilitate effective communication and information exchange in real time.

Major changes and new emphases have already begun to appear on the development scene, but there are still many organizations that keep asking for money to keep feeding people's needs. Yet the adage expresses the common sense that when you give a man a fish and you had fed him for a day. However, teach him how to fish and you had fed him for a lifetime. People need to ask appropriate questions, especially when their expectations are not met. People need to know how to best demand accountability when expected conditions for humanity are inadequate. People need to learn how things are working successfully elsewhere, and how they can use similar methods to improve things in their own domains. People need to dig further into deeper esoteric pockets to look for valuable information to help resolve common problems. People need to know that the African Views framework is where they can participate in these kinds of activities. AV Media: If you have something to say, here is the power to say it: “The world is listening and watching.”