AV sustainable department comprises of field work, most of which are community development needs assessment, development indicator validation, and society resource mapping. This effort allows AV organization to put creative theories in action as well as design and balance the need for suitability, practicality, and sustainability of applicable projects on the ground.

 AV development section includes introduction and managing social investment micro-programs, gender equality, advanced vocational education curriculum, and community health services and cultural exchange programs. This requires diverse but complementary local capability building as well as partnership with academic experts, creative development specialists, and social investment entrepreneurs; bringing together a wealth of experience and knowledge for the purpose of exploring socio-economic challenges and finding ways to turn each problem it into strength. 

Implementing strategies for sustainable development and humanities through local relationship, capacity building and respectable partnership

World Prayers for Peace and harmony in diversity.

Truth & Reconciliation: A Mandela’s Legacy 

Global Economic Cooperation with African & Caribbean Stock Exchanges 

Restitution of African Heritage Arts and Reparations of Cultural Integrity

The Royal African Institute of the African Royal Kingdoms (the ARK) 

UN Observance of the CSW. Realizing Gender Harmony