African Philosophy and Doctrines

The African Dream is a new philosophy unfolding within the African Civil Society. The term is used to describe a set of personal and national ethos and cultural ideals across Africa and its Diaspora and the Kingdoms of Africa. The term is used sparingly by astute scholars and pan-Africanists to describe the role and contribution of any individual of African descent towards achieving the collective goals of reparations, restitution, rejuvenation and reorganization of the continent, also the normalization of dignity, right to due respect, reunification, and prosperity of all Africans.

Therefore, our quest must begin with the identification and systematic study of the history of these agencies and make every effort to indoctrinate the sustainability of their experiences, thoughts, and ideas and offer a pathway into our pedagogic system as a unique branch of African philosophy. The Institute, therefore, provides an opportunity for the enlightenment of the general public and attraction for domestic and international tourism. More importantly, it will provide a sense of African role and responsibility within the universal ecosystem and be a potential development of a new economic pathway and prosperity.