African Views (AV) is foremost a concept for raising the consciousness about conscientiousness and efficacy of the African role and place in the world.


African Views is registered in the United States as an independent (non-affiliated) non-profit Organization. The organization operates a worldwide African cultural exchange framework and collaborative network that combines intelligence and wisdom from various indigenous cultures, professional disciplines, and academic departments worldwide.


The AV framework is a worldwide cultural information exchange, communication platform, and collaborative network.


We see African communities in Africa and the Diaspora, organized and equipped to meet immediate and future socio-economic challenges while developing peacefully, culturally, economically, politically, socially, and in harmony from within, as well as in congruence with the global society at large.


African Views (AV) mission is to provide an all-inclusive framework that allows people to inform, communicate, and collaborate to explore ties and improve the relationship between Africa and African Diaspora, as well as harmonize African cultures within itself and other cultures of the world. Some of our projects include cultural exchange programs for children and adults, panel discussions, and infrastructure analysis for economic and social development programs or projects.

The Royal Blessings

Spirit of Peace and Prosperity Summit Blessing of the Royal African Institute by the Ooni of Ife at the African Burial Ground