African Views Organization aligns the existing parallel between the 20 goals and aspirations of the African Union Agenda 2063 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, ensuring the cultural integrity of indigenous society and institutional precedence. African Views Organization works with governments, civil society, the private sector, traditional leaders, and customary authorities to find new and lasting ways to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

The organization promotes critical thinking, creative problem solving, self reliance, and interdependency in order to resolve the impact of African intersectionality and problems of existentialism. African Views Organization (AVO) works to explore how gender, culture, race, and other social categories are interconnected with pre-existing disparities in opportunities for development, especially for women. It is "a research and advocacy institute for understanding the role of gender and culture in societal development." African Views (AV) is foremost a concept for raising the consciousness about conscientiousness and efficacy of the African role and place in the world.



African Views is registered in the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, and exists in other places  as an independent (non-affiliated) international organization. The organization operates a worldwide African cultural exchange framework and collaborative network that combines intelligence and wisdom from various indigenous cultures, professional disciplines, and academic faculty. 


The AV framework is a worldwide cultural information exchange, communication platform, and collaborative network.


The African Views organization exists on the principle that no person or people, anywhere, is prevented or denied the opportunity to develop and reach their fullest potential in all aspects of the humanities and humanism because of their gender or other natural conditions or cultural heritage. 

The organization exists to make sure that African ideas, principles, philosophies, customs, and innovative contributions to human civilization and our understanding of the universe are shown in the best way possible. 


Our mission is to harmonize the AU and UN SDGs, conduct in-depth analysis, and develop  ways and means for the most effective sustainable solutions to the challenges of intersectional, systemic, and cultural discrimination and violence against women.


Research, analysis, advocacy, development, evaluation, reinforcement, and maintenance of the mission to ensure intersectional peace, justice, understanding, and fair representation through multi-dimensional strategic approaches to ensuring gender equality, gender harmony, and the role of culture in societal welfare and sustainable development goals.


We strive to prevent harmful ideas and practices that endanger women advancement, promote welfare of the people, and enhance societal development.

In order to uphold modernity and cultural integrity, AV takes its obligations seriously. To this end, it diligently engages stakeholders across gender, cultural, professional, and disciplinary boundaries in pursuit of her objectives through programs and projects backed by painstaking research that are in line with UN and AU sustainable development goals.

AV FRAMEWORK (Harmonizing the AU & UN Agenda)

Integrated and United Goal: AV001

Au 2063 Agenda: P/Goal 1/19

UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 9/10/17

Research, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the framework, underpinned by accountability and transparency as needed to ensure the attainment of the integrated and United 2063 African Union Agenda and UN SDGs through improving gender relations and cultural quality in countries of operations

Paragraph 2: Anti Violence Against Women Act (AVAWA)

Integrated and United Goal: AV002

AU 2063 Agenda: K /Goal: 11 & 17 /Aspiration 3 & 6


Work towards achieving gender parity and the removal of all forms of gender discrimination in the social, cultural, economic, and cultural spheres. Mobilize a concerted drive towards immediately ending child marriages, female genital mutilation, and other harmful practices against females. Anti-Violence Against Women Act (AVAWA) is a global campaign for effectively ending violence against women and ensuring Constitutionality of Women's Rights and Domestication of CEDAW.

Paragraph 3: 'Gender Harmony (Culture and Gender Relations)

Integrated and United Goal: AV003

AU 2063 Agenda: K / Goal: 11 & 17 Aspiration 3 & 6


Promoting gender equality, gender-sensitive policies, networks, and alliances to involve communities and policymakers in urban and rural settings through public education and effective ways to end violence, promote peace, improve livelihoods, and give information on alternative sustainability strategies to disadvantaged children, youths, and women in society.

Paragraph 4: African Royal Chamber of Commerce

Integrated and United Goal:  AV004

AU 2063 Agenda: D & E/ Goal: 4, & 17 Aspiration 6

UN SDGs 8: Transform Economic Performance

Cultural heritage, creative arts, and businesses Improve, grow, and industrialize our economies through beneficiation and value addition of agriculture, natural resources, sustainability, implementing sectoral and productivity plans, and regional industrial policies at all levels, with a focus on SMMEs.

Paragraph 5: Royal Institute of Global African Cultures & Traditions

Integrated and United Goal: AV005

AU 2063 Agenda: Q & J /2063 GOAL: 7, 8, & 12, 13, 14, 15 /ASPIRATION 2, 4, 7

UN SDGs, 10, 17

African Royal Institute on Global Influence of Collective African Cultural Heritage, Cultural Arts, and Cultural Identities; documentation of African oral history, Collective cultural Values and, Frameworks for United African Cultural institutions; promotion of museums, heritage park, intelligent communities and African Smart Cities.

Recognition of African global strength and respectable partnership in global affairs.

Paragraph 6: African Royal Kingdoms

Integrated and United Goal AV006

AU 2063 Agenda: J & Q, Goal:  8 & 19 Aspiration 2, 4, 5 & 7 |

UN SDGs 16 & 17 

Alliance of the African Royal Kingdoms to facilitate efficient and connected exchanges, due processes, & harmony in cultural diversity (Representation of all African indigenous Ethnicities & cultural groups)

Smart City initiative

Paragraph 7: Spirit of Peace & Prosperity Summit

Integrated and United Goal: AV007

AU 2063 Agenda: Annual Conference on The Integrated And United Goals Agenda: & Agenda O & J /Aspiration 7: Global Influence Goal: 20

UN SDGs 16 & 17 

Paragraph 8: Youth Initiatives & Empowerment

Integrated and United Goal: AV008

AU 2063 Agenda:  I/Goal 18/ Aspiration 6

UN SDGs: 4/5/8

Support young people as drivers of sustainable, through investment in their health, education and access to technology, opportunities and capital, and concerted strategies to combat youth unemployment and underemployment. Ensure mobility of African youth and talent across the continent, including Gender Equality Initiatives and Gender Harmony education, and proficiency in the SDGs.

Paragraph 9: 'African Cultural Exchange program for Children

Integrated and United Goal: AV009

AU 2063 Agenda:  goal: 18 Aspiration 6: Equal Participation

 (SDGs 4 & 5)

Engaged and Empowered

Youth and Children.

African Cultural Exchange Programs for Children (Travel, SDG Debates, Cultural Harmony, Study of Africa and African diversity, STEAM programs

Paragraph 10: IT (Education and Equipment)

Integrated and United Goal: AV010

Youth and Adult IT Education programs. Including Data Management (SAS & Oracle training and Certification programs)


Research and Analysis

Publications: Print, Social, Audio Visual

Ideas optimization and program development

Graphics /animation/ coding/


Advocacy & Marketing

Project Actualization

Culinary Innovation Summit

The Royal Blessings

Spirit of Peace and Prosperity Summit Blessing of the Royal African Institute by the Ooni of Ife at the African Burial Ground